yuppie /2-3/ spin, food, fill

a.t. ideas / spin-off

monolog by / interview with

a) the twenty-something police officer

b) the can of beerI was lying on the shelf in a liquor store when I got picked up by this old guy. Next thing I knew, I was at a barbecue. There were lots of people there and lots of other cans. No one seemed to want to drink me until this young guy came over, grabbed me and started saying goodbye to all these other people. Then he opened me and took a sip. Suddenly we were on the street and he was just going to finish me, I guess, when this young policeman showed up. Apparently there was something wrong. The policeman kept pointing to me and saying something about drinking beer in public. Then he tore off a piece of paper and handed it to the guy. The guy stuck the paper in his pocket, handed me to the policeman and walked off. The policeman just stood there until the guy walked around the corner and then drank all of the beer that was inside me. Man, did that feel good.

c) the computer at police HQ… what’s your job? — well, I basically print out lists of names. — what names? — names of people who have commited crimes. — who uses these lists? — the police. — is that who you serve, the police? — yes…

d) Adam’s friendswhy did you run the red light? …


conversation between

a) Adam’s friends and policemenI can’t believe you towed away my car ! — sorry but that’s what we do, it’s the law. — but I was going to pay the fine. — no, you weren’t. you were fighting it. — ok, but I would pay it eventually. — we can’t leave the car on the street for too long, we need to make room for other cars…

b) Adam and the young policeman

food for thought

how stuff works: tickets and fines; barbecue, bicycles

what would you do: if you found out the police were after you? Why?

devil’s advocate: alcohol should only be consumed in designated places (such as schools and churches)

fill iii+cz / link to fill-out

I am __________ yuppie myself so I’ve never ___________ ___________ to be on the other side of the law. So when the police finally tracked me down, I thought _____________ some mistake. _____________ there wasn’t, _____________ they were in fact looking for. And i did commit a crime too, as I soon found out. Not that I would _________ crime.

tak trochuhint: bez “little”
nikdy jsem moc nepřemýšlel nad tímhint: “thought” jako podstatné jméno
jaký je to pocithint: feel jako sloveso
určitě došlo k nějakému omyluhint: “došlo” nevyžaduje kokrétní sloveso, stačí “be”
ve skutečnosti
opravdu hledali měhint: zdůrazněné “mě”
já bych tomu zločin neříkal

One saturday night, back in march, I walked out of my apartment after a barbecue, holding a can of beer. A twenty-something police officer ______________ and wrote me a ticket. He told me I was violating New York City’s laws, ____________ bans drinking alcohol in public.

zničehonic se objevilhint: uznatelné varianty “out of nowhere” jsou “suddenly” nebo ještě lépe “all of a sudden”
jeden z nichž

Yeah, I probably ________________ it on the spot. But _______________ the pink slip in my back pocket and ____________ it. _____________, that is, when some computer at police HQ spat out a list of wanted criminals. My name was on it. Imagine how ____________ when I ____________ what my crime was.

měl jsem to zaplatit
namísto toho jsem strčil (ten lístek do kapsy)
zapomněl na nějhint: zajímá nás předložka po forget
(teda) až do doby před pár měsícihint: “doba” tam jako slovo vůbec nezazní
jak trapně jsem se cítil
zjistilhint: zkuste jinak než pomocí “find out”

________ I had good company. Lots of my friends have had similar problems ______. One tried to fight a $20 parking ticket. By the time she got to court, her car ______________ away. Now she owes $400. Another friend _________________ a red light on his bicycle. He __________ a ticket ______________ a horn or a bell.

aspoň že
poslední dobou
už jí odtáhnuli autohint: “they” tam samozřejmě nebude
(dalšího kamaráda) zastavili policajti za to, že na kole jel na červenouhint: zastavení policajty se řeší i jinak než pomocí “stop”
dostal (pokutu)hint: zkuste pomocí slovesa “give”
za to, že nemělhint: rozhodně lépe než “because he didn’t have”

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